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NFT Marketplace Development Company


Build Your Own Non Fungible Token (or NFT) Marketplace

DMASK will help you launch your own NFT marketplace. Non-fungible tokens have burst onto the global scene, with the potential to revolutionize entire industries, and we’re here to help you easily jump on the bandwagon.

Whether it’s artwork, gaming items, digital collectibles or physical items, our NFT developers build a robust NFT platform where any asset can be tokenized.

We also bring utilities to your collection and come up with great ideas for your NFT projects.


NFT Marketplace Design & Development

With in-depth knowledge of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, smart contracts and IPFS protocols, our team designs and builds a user-centric NFT marketplace platform where users can create and trade NFTs.

NFT Development

Our NFT development team provides a token creation feature as a service to your NFT marketplace. It allows users on the platform to mint tokens for their assets.

Marketplace Support & Maintenance

We continuously monitor, maintain and offer support for managing third-party upgrades, new OS releases and ensure nodes are always up and running.

Smart Contracts Audit

We offer NFT smart contracts audit services to carefully test the contracts and ensure that there are no breaches and bugs.

Features of NFT Marketplace

  • User can create a single unique NFT

  • Single unique NFT can have multiple owners

  • User can create multiple copies of NFT

  • NFT can be purchased as a fixed price unit

  • User can transfer NFT to another user

  • User can re-sell purchased NFT

  • Creator can get royalties once NFT went on a secondary market inside the platform

  • Assets can be fed into our systems and our system can help create 1000s of variation of the digital asset

  • Automated 2D image creation for NFTs

  • 3D models and animated Gifs of NFTs


What Are NFTs?

The term NFT stands for non-fungible token and did that just bounce off your head? Well, for us too in the beginning.

The non-fungible token means that a digital asset or digital art is tokenized so that to make sure that we know who the real owner is in the sea of people on the internet. 

Let’s keep the terms simple and go by an example, you have visited a museum, and you spectacle the creation of the Mona Lisa. The painting is immaculate and you are stunned by it. In the process, you take a picture or two of the painting. Now you have a digital copy of it. But you are not the owner of the painting and nor can you take it home to hand on your wall (wish we could). 

Here comes the star of the game called NFT. NFTs are like proof or license that you are the verified and real owner of the property. 

Mona Lisa can be copied but the real painting is always real and can never be duplicated. Similarly in the world of digital art such as images, videos, GIFs or even tweets (I know right, even tweets!) can be owned with a token called NFT. These NFTs can be sold for money and the ownership changes to the latest owner.

The Advantages of NFTs for Buyers & Collectors

People purchasing NFTs are attracted by the exclusive ownership allowed by the format. For collectors, there is the satisfaction of owning an original piece of art. They may also derive income by selling permissions for public use.






Our Commitment

Superior Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We treat every client like they're our only client.

A Step Ahead

We always stay in-the-know on what's going on and what has the potential to be the next disruption in technology.

Expertise in the Field

With DMASK, you will be provided with a group of resources who know the AR industry inside and out

A World-Class Experience

Innovation, Results, Efficiency and Care is a combination you get to experience working with our team.

Lets Partner up.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a long-term partnership, DMASK has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you use a single service or build an entire platform.

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