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DMASK Lottery

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July 31,  2022

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What is DMASKLottery ?

DMASKLottery is a unique mechanism to reward and surprise investors on a weekly basis, in addition to the automatic reflection mechanism. On each transaction (buy/sell), DMASK protocol applies a 5% tax, of which 1% is transferred to DMASK's lottery wallet. The collected tokens in the lottery wallet, will be distributed to the lottery winners at the end of each month. Last day of each month, at 6 p.m. EST, DMASKLottery will be drawn. Shortly after the draw, winners will receive their DMASK tokens in their wallet.

​ - You should be a DMASK holder to enter the lottery.

​ - Entry is FREE and each holder has an equal opportunity to win

- With a ratio of 1:100, the number of winners is roughly proportional to the number of holders. (There will be one winner for every 100 holders). ​

- Prizes are determined by DMASK's monthly volume. The greater the volume, the higher the prize.

- Each week's lottery results will be posted on our website as well as on our social media.

- To enter the lottery, holders MUST submit their wallet address above by 6 pm EST on the last day of each month.

- The algorithm will disregard duplicate wallet addresses. ​

- Wallet addresses that do not hold DMASK will NOT be entered in the lottery.

Terms and Conditions

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